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Educational Consultation and Training

Expert guidance in classroom management, behavioral understanding, and student success.

Educational Consultation and Training

Consultation Services:
- Behavior consultation; observation and collaborative problem solving
- Staff Training
- Intensive behavior triage; 1:1 support for challenging behavior, support implementation, staff training

Staff Trainings Topics:
- Proactive mental health supports *Disclaimer - I am NOT a trained mental health professional. This training would focus solely on building skill repertoires that lead to independence, self-awareness, and self-confidence while creating a safe, caring environment for your students - one that says “Things may feel hard but I’m here for you and will help you accomplish every goal because you are capable of it.”
- Resiliency - why is it important and how do you build it?
- Independence; the key to success and self-esteem - what’s appropriate to expect for each kid and how do you increase it?
- Communication - how do you ensure every child is able to communicate their feelings, ideas, wants, and needs and how do you support multiple forms of communication across an entire classroom?
- Student motivation/Disengagement
- Trauma
- Equity and Inclusion
- Differentiation
- Family connection/training
- Interoception; what is it and why is it important?
- Emotional and Behavioral regulation (Sensory seeking/aversion, self-advocacy; Emotional self-recognition, recognition in others, actions that follow recognition; curriculums such as Zones, A little Spot Series, Social - Behavior Mapping - modified for 4K, etc.)
- Task analysis (how to break down any task and meet a student where they are at)
- Executive function; more than just a buzz phrase?
- Classroom management; how to set up all students for foundational success before expecting them to learn
- Behavior Translation - what is the function?
- Positive peer relationships - how to set the stage for neurodiverse children and their peers to build meaningful, lasting relationships.

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