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Family Coaching and Advocacy Support

Being a caregiver is a whirlwind of emotions, energy, and experiences, so its no wonder that there are times when you can feel as though you have nothing left or have no idea where to turn next. While no one expects you to have all the answers, hitting a wall can make you feel like a failure, depressed, or like you've reached your breaking point. However, as much as you might feel like it, you know you'll never give up because your loved one is your driving force. Instead, you'll go back to the drawing board and hunt for new ideas, new resources, and new understanding. This is where I come in. I will listen to your story, your concerns, and your ultimate goals. Then, together, we'll research, collaborate, and creatively address each barrier until we have reached the goals you set for yourself and your loved one.


Observation and Creative Solutions

  • Observe in the home, daycare, school, or other environment; collaboratively develop solutions to interfering behaviors, and support caregivers on successful implementation

  • Support home and school collaboration; how to build positive relationships with your child’s school while ensuring their needs are met and their educational environment is accessible for them

Caregiver Coaching

  • Proactive mental health supports; The significance of a sense of belonging.

  • Behavior Translation - What is the function? Addressing specific behaviors through an understanding and educational perspective.

  • Communication - how does your child communicate now, is it efficient, and if not, what would work better?

  • Interoception - What is it and what does it mean for your child?

  • Executive Functioning - more than a buzzword but what does it mean for my child?

  • Emotional and Behavioral regulation (Sensory seeking/aversion, self-advocacy; Emotional self-recognition, recognition in others, actions that follow recognition; curriculums such as Zones, A little Spot Series, Social Behavior Mapping, etc.)

  • Resiliency - why is it important and how do you build it?

  • Independence; the key to success and self-esteem - what’s appropriate to expect for your child and how do you increase it?

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